Surena Humanoid Robot | partner companies

ASR Gooyesh Pardaz Co. and Persian Gulf Intelligent and Industry (PGITIC) have been cooperated in SURENA III project, the former developed the speech detection and speaking (in Persian) modules of the robot, while the latter collaborated in the areas of vision and software development with the team.


ASR Gooyesh Pardaz Co. (AGP), as the first and the only Iranian company in speech technology, was established in 2002 to develop speech processing systems by a number of experts from Sharif University of Technology. AGP is the leader of speech processing technology for Persian language and has developed various applications and solutions for “Making Life Easier”.


Persian Gulf Intelligent and  Industry (PGITIC): Company initiate with cooperation of MRS Shahnaz Bahmanyar from Sharif University of Technology and some graduated students of Amirkabir University of Technology. The aim of this company is gradation of education and living security, using new technology and Iranian innovative for better quality of product. After research and review all existing systems, company has designed and manufactured equipment for intelligent buildings.

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