Surena Humanoid Robot | SURENA II News
Surena Humanoid Robot | SURENA II News
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IEEE: Iran's Humanoid Robot SURENA Walks, Stands on One Leg

Researchers at Tehran University, in Iran, unveiled last month an adult-sized humanoid robot called SURENA II. The initial press reports by Iran’s official news media didn’t include many details, saying only it could “walk like a human being but at a slower pace” and perform some other tasks, and questions surfaced about the robot’s real capabilities.


Now IEEE Spectrum has obtained detailed information about SURENA and exclusive images and videos showing that the robot can indeed walk — and even stand on one leg.

Aghil Yousefi-Koma, a professor of engineering at the University of Tehran who lead the SURENA project, tells me that the goal is to explore “both theoretical and experimental aspects of bipedal locomotion.” Read More….

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