Surena Humanoid Robot | Organization Structure

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the SURENA III national program, involvement of various teams as well as interaction between them was inevitable. So, according to the project requirements, the matrix organizational structure for the project management has been adopted.

The management department in SURENA III project has been composed of three units, i.e. implementation management, control and guidance management, and technical management. The last two units were in charge of integrated management of the project. On the other hand, since the project required experts in various disciplines, each management unit benefited from some advisors and experts in the respective fields to accomplish the management aims.

The departments that took part in this project are Dynamics and Control, Electronics, Software and intelligence, Mechanical Design, Fabrication, Body Cover Design, and Documentation.

Due to the challenging nature of this project, employing the existed potentials as well as the researchers and experts in the related areas was unavoidable. So, it has been tried to after examining the existed capacities, the best personnel selection, based on the project requirements, be carried out.


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