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IDRO Group

The Industrial Development & Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) known as IDRO Group was established in 1967 in Iran. IDRO Group is one of the largest companies in Iran. It is also one of the largest conglomerates in Asia. IDRO’s objective is to develop Iran’s industry sector and to accelerate the industrialization process of the country and to export Iranian products worldwide. Today, IDRO owns 117 subsidiaries and affiliated companies both domestically as well as internationally.


University of Tehran

As the University of Tehran is the symbol of higher education of Iran, the main gate of the University in central Tehran, with its specific design and architecture is in a more general sense, a logo of education in Iran.

The University has 19,000 undergraduate and 13,000 graduate students. The University has 6 colleges with a total of 39 faculties and 120 departments at its 7 campuses located in the cities of Tehran, Qom and Karaj as well as its Kish International Campus (in Kish Island). The University of Tehran, as the main research University of the Country, offers more than 300 post graduate programs.



The Center of Advanced Systems and Technologies (CAST) has been established in 2008 at mechanical engineering faculty of college of engineering in University of Tehran.  The mission of CAST is to develop relations with industries and manufacturers in order to solve Industry challenges by bringing together researchers, experts, consultants and elite students. This mission has guided CAST in its programs of basic and applied research projects. We concentrate on product based method and its direct support of school of Engineering in University of Tehran. In CAST’s multidisciplinary setting, we are going to promote the value industry chain in our country. Although the general mission of CAST has remained constant, the center has pursued this mission by promoting researches; we are enriching our talent pool and improving process that evolves over time, informed by varied perspectives across multiple disciplines.

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