Surena Humanoid Robot | Past

To promote the humanoid robot technical knowledge, through a coherent program in Iran, the design and fabrication of the first generation of the SURENA humanoid robot has been started since 2007. The SURENA I project was carried out at the Center for Advanced Vehicles (CAV), university of Tehran, with the financial support of the R&D Society of Iranian Industries and mines. During the public presentation ceremony, the SURENA’s certificate was signed by the minister of industry of Iran. The height and weight of SURENA I was 165 centimeters and 60 kilograms, respectively. The robot was able to speak according to a predefined text, and had remote control and predefined path tracking abilities.

After SURENA I, the SURENA II humanoid robot project was launched, in 2008. Again, the project was carried out in CAV, and the financial support was provided by the R&D Society of Iranian Industries and mines. The design and fabrication procedure was finished on July 3rd 2010. SURENA II was capable of walking as well as performing some exhibitive scenarios. The 145 cm SURENA II humanoid robot had 22 Degrees of Freedom (DOF). The robot was unveiled to the public during the industry and mine anniversary, before the president of Iran, Mahmood Ahmadinejad.  After that public show, SURENA II appeared in the headlines of the news, while a lot of national and international news agencies covered the show, and reminisced SURENA II as the symbol of Robotics in Iran.


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