Surena Humanoid Robot | Future
  • Arranging the SURENA committee with the participation of Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO), and University of Tehran
  • Developing the SURENA national humanoid robot kit, as well as holding some national contests for collecting various ideas
  • Developing the robotic educational kit under the brand of SURENA
  • Holding workshops and tutorials for sharing the experiences obtained from SURENA III project, during the national and International conferences
  • Customizing the robot SURENA III for at-home applications
  • Carrying out feasibility study for the next generation of Iranian national humanoid robot, SURENA IV
  • Organizing a chamber of culture with the aim of creating SURENA cultural brand
  • Producing animations by employing SURENA humanoid robot
  • Producing some entertainment and educational kits with the name of SURENA
  • Employing the robot SURENA III for greeting the guests, during the international meetings
  • Locating Marquettes of various generations of SURENA in the ministry of industries and mines building as a symbol of technology in Iran

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