Surena Humanoid Robot | news 3

The design and fabrication procedure of SURENA III body cover has been finished.



The body cover design and fabrication of the SURENA III started right after the closing of SURENA III body cover design awards at the January 2013.

The body cover design and fabrication process contains 3 phases: 1- Robot style design 2- Matching the designed cover with the defined structure and DOFs of SURENA III 3- Designing the molds and producing the body cover parts.

Most used materials in this phase of project is fiber glass with epoxy resins, silicon, and in some of the parts like hands and fingers, the material is PLA with the method of 3D printing.

In order to join and link the body cover parts to the defined structure and make easier the process of montage and replacement of parts for repair, different fixtures and connectors used like nuts and bolts and magnets.


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